A New Star In Heaven
Each life is a blessing that doesn't last long,
And ends all too suddenly it all seems so wrong,
Yet hope keeps me going through all of my pain,
... That one day I can be with you once again,
And I know that a new star in heaven does shine,
Yet I wish you were with me and you were still mine,
But sadly I know that it can never be,
Yet your spirit remains here forever with me.

My heart lies so broken no future have I,
I'm lost in a void as I gaze to the sky,
I'll never forget you as long as I live,
So much to offer so little to give,
And I know that a new star in heaven burns bright,
Amidst all the darkness a beautiful sight,
Yet I long to hold you and never let go,
If my dream will come true it shall always be so.

My tears go on falling such hurt I now feel,
My soul has been wounded and never will heal,
The blossoms of love that we shared blown away,
I live with the cold of the winter each day,
And I know that a new star in heaven does gleam,
So graceful above in the highest esteem,
Your memory lives on and it shall never fade,
For a promise of love unto you I have made.